Clinton Meyer

Clinton Meyer


I bring nearly thirty years of practical work experience to the table

My collegiate education began one state away from home among the walnut groves and rolling hills at the University of Kansas’ esteemed School of Architecture and Urban Design. My childhood dream of becoming an architect wasn’t what I was expecting — so I went on to explore the School of Journalism — and kept traveling until I found my way to my home in the Visual Communications program in the School of Fine Arts. I realized that Typography was my architecture. And photography was a passion…And that I’d always need to be in transit.

In 1990, I moved off to Brissago, Switzerland (the land of my heritage) to study in a Yale University program under the guidance (tutelage) of Paul Rand and Pierre Mendell and Richard Sapper and Arman Hoffman. It was life-changing (forming). Living abroad (and hitch-hiking across Europe) changed (woke) my perspective on everything I’d ever known or believed.

As college drew to a close back stateside, I drove my (t)rusty Cutlass to Chicago and landed my first job designing books and styling photos for an award-winning creative agency — and advanced on to sharpen my skills working with several boutique design firms (designing everything from Flor brochures to ….. . (My first business travels took me to South Florida and Louisville) I was a Designer.

I explored the Midwest, I drove to the East Coast. I wanted more.

At 26, after reading “On the Road”, I packed up my roadster and drove to California. I fell in love with San Francisco and advertising; advertising for me was the culmination (meeting juncture) of journalism and graphic design (Bank of America and Adobe to Nikon). I became an Art Director. Then a Creative Director. Discovery, I went back to Paris and Barcelona… I continued directing photo shoots and making my own photographs.

Somewhere there

Tempted by the seductive warm evenings and fragrant blossoms, Southern California beckoned me. I bought a cottage in Los Angeles. I discovered freelance and freedom. I adopted dogs and took up gardening. I travelled to Buenos Aires and Paris and Prague and Budapest and Vienna. But continued to be drawn back to the Bay Area to work with venture capitalists helping create identities for emerging technologies. And staging photo shoots to fulfill my …

At 40, I was calling Palm Springs home. I found my architectural dream house. (I travelled to Germany for business. A lot. I changed jobs a couple times. I setup a photo studio for a sports retailer in LA.

I continue to design and create and direct and photograph.
And I welcome new challenges, new visions and new destinations.

Some of the best people I know are dogs.

I like coffee. And gin.
Generally not at the same time.

I happy in urban centers. And in remote isolation.
But a garden is my happiest place.

I’ve backpacked across Europe. Explored South America.
And driven across the U.S. Twice.
I’m always up for new adventures.

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